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Easy work from home typing mailing lists! No more stress and worry about bills, inflation, and recession. As a mailing list typist, you can make a great part or full time income from home, using any standard computer. This is such a great and easy way to earn money that we are sure you will want to begin right away.  At least give it a try, to see how successful you can be.  All assignments are complete with easy to follow instructions.  We have a never ending demand for your services, In addition, providing that you follow our easy to follow instructions, payment for each name and address you compile and type is guaranteed.  If you compile a mailing list of 200 names, you will make $1,000.00..compile 300 names, you earn $1,500.00, compile 500 and earn $2500.00!!


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You Are A REAL Home Clerical Typist:

No Envelope Stuffing, MLM, Pyramid Schemes, Randomizers, or other nonsense.

This is a real typing opportunity.

You simply type media for ours (and other) online companies and get paid per assignment.

Your pay is typically no less than $100 - $500 per assignment. It will vary depending on what is involved in completing the assignment.

We have never seen any other typing opportunities like ours online.

You are not typing "labels", "stapling booklets" or "stuffing envelopes".

You are also not paid on a commission basis nor is selling involved with your assignment.

Even if you are asked to type advertisements for a company online, you would not be paid per "signup/recruit/referral/commission".

Even with these types of assignments you are paid for the typing alone.

We are not familiar with any other company online offering anything like we are.

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