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10 Reasons why you should join this affiliate program...


1. It's FREE!

There is no cost to join and it only takes about 3 minutes to sign up!



Make $7.00 for every free week supply of diet patches you give away! Give away just 100 free week supplies of The Amazing Diet Patch a month and that's an extra $700.00 a month for you!



You don't have to worry about buying expensive inventory! You don't have the headache of shipping out product, providing customer service, managing a Call Center, we do all this for you!


4. We keep track of all your sales

You have access to this information in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


5. Every month payments

You get paid on your sales every month on earnings of $50 or more.


6. Make 10% on sub affiliates!

If you recommend people to our affiliate program and they join, you will automatically receive a sub-referral fee for ANY sign ups they refer for as long as they promote our products.


7. High conversion ratios!

Think about it, how hard is it to give away a free week's supply of diet patches? With such a compelling offer you'll be making money in no time!


8. You'll get credit for sales even 5 years from now!

One of the things we disliked with other affiliate programs was that if a person clicked through from your link and didn't sign right then, but came back later - maybe hours, maybe days, maybe months - you didn't get credit. We wanted our program to be different, so we track your customers for 5 years! This means that if someone clicks on your banner or link and does not sign up until 5 months from now, or even 5 years from now, you still get paid!


9. Future products coming soon!

Not only will you make money promoting The Amazing Diet Patch, but shortly we will be offering other "in demand" products, and you will be able to make money on those also!


10. Because it's EASY and FUN!

Join the Amazing Diet Patch program

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